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Heart of Gold is a story about miracles and curses and two people who try to find a grey line between the black and white.

In a small French town, an unusual kind of mass is held: the local priest, Dunant, describes it as “faith healing”, promising those who are suffering will be healed of their ailments with just a single touch of his hands. Ionel, a pianist with albinism, seeks out Dunant‘s miraculous touch. He struggles with his failing eyesight, a condition that could potentially put an end to his career. Something about the priest’s blessing soon strikes him as odd, and so Ionel begins investigating.

Ionel uncovers several clues that draw him deeper into the mystery surrounding Dunant. As he starts to slowly befriend the priest, he finds himself delving further into a world of miracles and curses.



Main Artist & Co-Writer
Freelance Illustrator and Comic Artist located in Vienna. Really likes death.

Coloring/Lettering & Co-Writer
Graduated from the Lucerne School of Applied Sciences and Arts with a Bachelor in 2D Animation, Film. Freelance Artist and Illustrator.

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