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Vienna, 22nd April 2018 – The artist duo Eli Baum and Viv Tanner is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the hardcover edition of Heart of Gold’s first volume, an online comic currently hosted on Sparkler Monthly. Heart of Gold is a mystery/romance story with overarching religious themes that revolves around the tenuous relationship growing between the main characters Dunant and Ionel.

The Kickstarter will run from May 9th until June 9th, aspiring to bring all 154 comic pages online to print. In addition to the main story, Eli and Viv will have a short side story focused on one of HoG’s protagonists. Aside from pre-ordering the book, pledgers can choose from an array of Heart of Gold rewards and merchandise, such as pins, bookmarks, and even more exclusive items.

The main story plays out in a small French town, where an unusual kind of mass is held: the local priest, Dunant, describes it as “faith healing,” where he promises that those who are suffering will be healed of their ailments with just a single touch of his hands. Ionel, a pianist with albinism, seeks out Dunant‘s miraculous touch. He struggles with his failing eyesight, a condition that could mean the potential end to his career. Something about the priest’s blessing soon strikes him as odd, and so Ionel begins investigating.

Ionel finds several clues that draw him deeper into the mystery surrounding Dunant. As he starts to slowly befriend the priest, he finds himself delving further into a world of miracles and curses.

Heart of Gold is a philosophical exploration of morals, faith and admissions of guilt, told in a stunning and cinematic art style that is bound to draw one into its story. Written and drawn by Eli and Viv, queer authors who want more representation, Heart of Gold tells the story of how the two protagonists are drawn to one another despite their differences, trying to find a grey middle.

About the Authors
Eli and Viv are a comic artist/illustrator duo located in Vienna. After graduating from the Lucerne School of Applied Sciences and Arts with a Bachelor in 2D Animation, Viv moved to Vienna to focus more on freelancing and working on their joined projects with Eli. Since Eli was lead cinematic artist for an indie game and has been doing freelance for comics ever since, they both have experience in sequential art, which they currently pour into their collaborative comic projects.

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